Saturday, July 7, 2007

MSC as it well known in the shipping company is a well known shipping company in the maritime industry which is run by an Italian mafia known by the name of Aponthe . They are a container ship company , have a large fleet of mostly junk ships over 95 % of their fleet of 300 ships comprises of 25 to 40 years old ships . They mostly buy old ships which are supposed to be scrapped and convert them to container ships and run the ships to support their own illegal businesses namely , drug ,illegal arms & ammunition , human trafficking , bombs and nuclear weapons , tranportation and distribution around the world to various countries of the world which most surprisingly includes some of the ,most developed countries with very stricty laws as the USA , Australia , France , Germany , UK , Belgium , Denmark , Norway , Japan , Singapore etc. They have got full support of their shore based staff including their agents in various ports , the customs at various ports , the Port state control officers which includes some of the most advanced nations , political support , all of which can be bought very easily with their money , political connections and of course threats from local mafias .
Almost 90 % of their ships do not follow any IMO , ILO or National & local regulations , are sub -standard so much below standard which cannot be described , most of the crew being incompetent,officers get very fast promotion . Senior masters and chief engineers become part of handsome bonuses if they pass PSC inspections and other special inspections at various ports and if they are carrying "special" illegal cargoes on board "unscathed" . The rest of the crew including even the chief officer doesn't have the knowledge of such special cargoes onboard and sometimes even the master doesn't know about it . The condition of ship's structure and machineries is pathetic and much far below international standards . Their aim is to run the ship till it sinks , even if the vessel sinks they will get handsome amounts in terms of insurance claims . They even buy the classifications societies and the surveyors by either threatening them to their lives , their families or by paying them handsome amounts . Most of the ships are classed to Bureau Veritas(BV) or RINA which are the third class , the most dishonest king of "money making" classification societies . Most of the times the ship's crew and officers are threatened for life if they revolt demanding good quality onboard or to prevent some illegal practice . There are several reported and several un-reported cases where people have eliminated and thrown overboard to remove any vital evidence or if they they were a threat for the ship and the company if they remained alive and opened their mouths in front of the appropriate authorities like the USCG . Companies like OMI have taken a very tough stand against any kind of illegal practices going onboard, after their oil pollution fines by the USCG, and they have improved so greatly so as to be taken over by teekay tankers very recently . But companies like MSC popularly known as the MAFIA SHIPPING COMPANY in the maritime industry will never improve because their main business is not transportation of cargo , but supporting their drug business . So , even after 10 millions in fine given to the USCG for the MSC Elena case where their Master Capt. Menon and Chief Engineer Mani Singh were fined and imprisoned ,company got a probabtion of 5 years , they have to implement the Environment Compliance Program (ECP) on their entire fleet, most of their ships are still pumping out sludge in European waters , and other places .
If you visit a websites , or , or any other mou website , type in the word mas , you come to know that each ship has got a deficiency related to Fi-Fi or LSA equipments but ships are only seldom detained . A drug search has never been conducted on any of their vessels . I'm 100 % sure that if this kind of search is conducted then at least 1 of the containers on their every ship will be found to carry either illegal drugs , arms , ammunitions , bombs or involvewd in human trafficking . But to everybody's surprise the company trades unscathed around the world they keep fooling seafarers to man their vessels , who don't know that they may end one day behind bars or may be executed to death by other countries law if they are caught with such illegal items like drugs planted in their cabins .Besides their safety standards are so low , only god knows how thwy are going to tackle in case of any emergencies which will definitely result in loss of lives . Besides you always a soft target if you are one of the types who believes in "safer shipping cleaner seas" or the like , because if u create too much of "noise" or suspect that you might "blow" the "whistle" then you might be eliminated as well either onboard at sea or at port while you are on a shore leave or after your sign off during your transit to your home town which includes your hotel stay at the port/country where you have signed off .
It is very tragic that inspite of these facts being known to most of the people , authorities and seafarers in the world , people don't take any interest in bringing the culprits to justice .


Negi said...

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ante kriletic said...

fuck them all

ante kriletic said...

fuck them all

Anpin Reji said...

Really surprising orginal villan.

Theo Kahil said...

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Robert Pearcey said...

If only 1% of this is true it's working MSC are the largest container shipping fleet in the world and are team up with Maersk .

Fleet is not 30 to 40 years old . Where is your evidence of a Mafia connection ?